We welcome your interest in our interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences (AMCS). Students applying for admission should have a solid undergraduate training in a mathematical science. Knowledge in another science is desirable. A suitable background for admission is a bachelor's degree with a double major in mathematics and a science, or a major in mathematics with a minor in a science, or a major in a science with a substantial mathematics component including some theoretical courses in analysis and algebra. Students may enter with a master's degree. Students should have a desire to apply mathematics to the solution of relevant scientific problems and should state their area of interest in their application.

AMCS PhD graduate Sara Reed delivers a class lecture.
AMCS graduate Sara Reed delivers a lecture.

Admission and financial decisions are based on courses taken, grade point average (GPA), academic goals, letters of recommendation, area of interest, and, for students for whom English is not their first language, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores. We usually expect applicants to have a GPA that is at least a B+ (3.40 out of 4.00) in their previous course work. We are aware, however, that there are differences in grading systems and severity from school to school.  We consider all the evidence available, consequently it is to your advantage to submit as complete an application as possible.

The TOEFL scores are used to predict the ability of an international student to function effectively in courses taught in English and to work effectively in English as a teaching assistant (TA). In order to be considered for admission, we generally expect a TOEFL score of near 100 or more on internet-based exam. Please be sure to have your TOEFL scores sent to The University of Iowa by the testing agency.  Students whose first language is not English but who have a degree from an institution in the U.S. or other English-speaking country, may have this requirement waived. Please contact us for further details.

We generally admit graduate students for the Fall Semester only.  Consideration of applications for Fall Semester admission and financial support starts on January 15, so applications should be completed by that date. Offers of admission are extended to those who have the best overall qualifications and most closely match the interests of the faculty at The University of Iowa. We provide graduate assistantship to most of the students we admit.  We look forward to receiving your application.